Saturday, February 5, 2011

The Stork Arrived From Amityville, NY

I sit in this soft comfy chair tonight, turning this Noro sock yarn over and over in my hands. It has a waxy hand to it. A bit akin to linen. The colors are spectacular. (Eisaku, you're the man) What's to become of this skein? I don't make socks. I don't knit lace. We know this. But something must happen soon with it...or it may get up in the night and steal away...

Annie's Rejects

OMG, Jknitter's "Getting Tinked" was soooooooo close! But you've got to understand the Purl Jam context...had to be there...kind of an in-joke if you went to the retreat or have ever taken Annie Modesitt's classes. Ducks and runs... Everyone needs to read the comments, they are hilarious! So many chuckles! Thanks ya'll for playing and congrats CG for finally winning one! In fact, that was so darn toot'in fun, I want to do another one! In remembrance of the past weekend's knitting retreat and our beloved knitting teachers...tomorrow morning's NAME THAT PHOTO contest is going to knock your socks off! Oh, and the prize...hold your breath.

Friday, February 4, 2011

Random Sightings in Charlottesville, Va.

Fashion Square Mall, to be exact, where I spent the last two days chasing my Toddler...everywhere I looked, knitting needles were dancing in my head...

Katia Nepal Hat? Berroco's Smile, I presume?

Bernat's Boa? I'll pay Belk $48.00 to not take it home.

A God Awful garter stitch sweater for $125.00. Liz Claiborne is rolling over in her grave! Knitta, Please!

A J.Crew Handbag. I can stomach this. The creme color will get dirty fast, though. Camel would be better. They need to tell those Indian children chained to the knitting machines to change the cones.

Christmas is just around the corner, Ya'll! Are you ready?

Thursday, February 3, 2011

Lace? Crochet?

Heck, no! This is a microscopic view of a pine needle. Nature and crafters...we are one.