Monday, November 12, 2012



When will they find a cure and eradicate this blight from the human knitting race?

Sunday, November 11, 2012

Sucking On A Lemon...

I only have one thing to say...I hate you, Phyl! (wink). You know that I have issues with Startitis. And yet you keep blogging on and on about these new sweaters you are starting...and, you, You! So I have now decided to make the Round trip jacket out of Noro Kureyon. I left Capecho at the shop, by mistake, so I am forced (gun to my head) to start a new project. I made Sandy hunt down the pattern in her archives last night...Thanks, Sandy! I really needed you to say "No, I don't have the pattern, so you won't be able to start it tonight." But instead, you find it lickity split! You are the Enabler. Like giving drugs to the drug addict. I believe I hate you too! Nan, you live near a Dansko Outlet? Definate Hatred!

I also started the Log Cabin socks out of the Handknit Holidays book with the Alpaca with a Twist I got from Linda a few days ago. So, I guess I hate myself too.

Oh, the self loathing runs deep tonight. But to recap on my day...I woke up at 7:30am to get ready to meet with Darry at 8:30am. (I actually bathed and put on lipstick) I was sickeningly on edge about it. The last time I saw him was in New York for our National Sales Meeting. Then I resigned about 3 weeks later. I didn't know how things would go down, if you get my drift. But as soon as I saw his face, and bemused half smile under that pornstar mustache of his, I knew everything was going to be OK. He acted like nothing wierd had ever happened and it was business as usual. Whew, relief. I did buy alot of Sirdar's new Sublime line, which is, well, sublime. Aptly named. You will like it too, blogland. I promise. One thing that makes me ugly fugly foul...check out Susan Zanni handbags. They look like funky fur and eyelash mated and had a ladder yarn baby.

I really am in a cantankerous mood tonight. I feel like a bearded curmedgeon who lives under a bridge, growling at passerbys on the bridge above me. Maybe, I'd best get a glass of wine into this foulness...ring ring...Rivka's calling! Must have a chat with her! Ciao!

Saturday, November 10, 2012

4 Your Eyes Only...

Sorry I've been absent the last few days, Bfriend and I have a new apartment in Charlottesville, and we needed to fluff it up. Put the sheets on the beds, fill up the fridge with food (spend our entire life savings at Whole Foods, yeah, right?), put clothes in the drawers, put books in the bookshelves. That done, I'm back and ready to finally fulfill my obligation to Sandra...the Meme about what is in my pockets. Truthfully? A credit card. So instead of taking a photo of my card, which would be sheer insanity, I've changed the Meme to be "What's in my Messenger bag?"

A Diaper, Huggies size 6
Bobbi Brown Lipstick, color Raisin
Tampax Tampon Super Plus
Ultra Alpaca Ruffle Scarf with Susanne's Ebony needles
Hampton Inn ink pen, one of a thousand I own.
Goody Hair Thingie
My Moo Cards from Fickr
Burberry Wallet
Victorinox Swiss Card

Now throw in hundreds of Starbucks receipts and there you have it! What is in your purse, Aunt Chrissy, Mimi, Loren, Belinda, Beckmeister, Stefani, Phyllis, and Debbie??? Which purse, Phyl? Pick the closest one to your person.

Less than one week till TNNA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

More details...yes? 1. Had Breakfast with Corneli...

More details...yes?

1. Had Breakfast with Cornelia Tuttle Hamilton, she told us about her new African Hot Boyfriend...she said he "fits" her perfectly.

2. Went to the TNNA fashion show and watched some interesting garments strut down the runway. The tape broke, so no DVD to put on the blog.

3. Met Nicky Epstein, she is as cute as a button, in a wide black dress.

4. Discussed Gun Control with Annie Modesitt . She had buzzed her hair off.

5. Met Amy Singer, she's cool. She gave me a pin with a sheep on it saying "Is it my breath?"

6. Rode on a bus with Cat Bordhi and she showed me pictures of her grandbaby. Then she gave me some insight into how to speed up my Fleece Artist order I placed 1.5 months ago.

7. Met the CEO of Lorna's Laces, Beth. We both decided that I was a head shorter than her, at least. She likes white wine, I like red. She was amazingly intense and loud, loud, loud!

8. Made Debbie Bliss knit a Hokie square and made fun of her having to rip it out several times. She's so self deprecating, it's easy to poke fun.

9. Mimi farted at the Vogue cocktail party, with Ms. Bliss 5 feet away.

10. Watched Debbie and Mimi get loaded at a fancy steak pace.

11. Watched Loren eat 3 slices of cold pizza in bed.

12. Ignored the little blond mouse sitting behind one of the KFI tables, then realized to my horror after ignoring her sheepish smiles at me, she was Jane Ellison. Sorry, Jane! You're very famous! Sorry I didn't notice and didn't grovel at first!

13. Sion, Ceo of KFI hugged me and said he wasn't mad at me for resigning. "No harm done." were his exact words.

Sorry about the blurry photo of us and the Bliss, I wasn't to blame this time around! More to come!

Weekend of Play

A weekend of playing at the park, a big party at the house, and a visit from an old friend and her son. Whew. I need a nap. Oh, and despite being married, I still managed to get the Clap again. Notice above, my friend modelling my partially knitted Clap. ( She is going to kill me when she sees this picture.)

Noro Book-A-Thon Update

Ok. So it's been a couple weeks...a month? More? You all voted. Gave me 150 or so titles of books to read. I've read 8. Yeah, I know. I dropped the ball. I'm still reading but the pressure and obligation kind of freaked me out. The good news, out of the 8 so far, one book suggestionist will win a bag of Noro Kureyon. So to make it up to all of you, Dear Knitters, here's a quick contest with a swift resolution. Name the photo below! Give it a Title, not a Caption...if I love it and I laugh so hard that snot flies out of my nose...a bag of Noro Kureyon (I swear) is coming your way, finally. Thanks for playing , ya'll! This contest ends TONITE! So hurry, Knitters, Hurry!

Long Waisted Gal

I finished Juliet in the wee hours of the morning. Ah. Yes! Now all I have to do is sew on the buttons and make the crochet loops to join with the buttons. I tried it on and didn't gag at the sight of me...good sign. I might actually wear this thing!?! We'll see.

I've moved on, ya'll know that. I'm still working on Tilted Duster from Interweave and I started a shrug out of "Fitted Knits" by good ol' preggers Stephanie Japel. I'll keep you posted, par usual.

On a side note, my Turduckin for Thanksgiving came today!

You know what that is. A turkey stuffed with a chicken stuffed with a duck stuffed with cajun rice stuffing! Yum!

Monday, November 5, 2012

What A Day Makes

get yourself some needles
some yarn
and start knitting
drink some Blenheim ginger ale
pop a few pretzels dipped in Nutella...
and despite this man in my consciousness,

all is well tonight.

And in case you don't know what this bag is I'm knitting...

Saturday, November 3, 2012

Un non altro progetto!

I just realized something. Knitting is like a foreign language. For some, the language is easy to learn, others, not so easy.

The Basic Knit Stitch= Hello, how are you?

The Purl Stitch= Thank you very much!

Decrease= What time is it?

Increase= Where is the bathroom?

SSK= How much for the drugs?

YO= Go to h@#$!

And so on and so on, we are continually learning more of the language. Once we can knit a sweater without a pattern, we're fluent and thinking in that language. Not just translating in our minds. We always keep learning new words and phrases (3 needle bind-off, kitchener stitch, magic loop). Knitters speak the same language, with varying degrees of fluency, dialect, and educational level. Knitters understand each other.

On another note, I'm totally obsessed with Wenlan Chia's stuff right now. I think it is the fast factor that has hooked me in. There is a skirt in her book "Twinkle's Big City Knits" that I adore. (The book looks strangely dated to me already, can't explain it) She uses Bulky Lopi for the skirt...Excuse me!?! Can you believe this chick? The nerve! I would not make a skirt, a lovely evening skirt in Lopi! Is she is out of her mind? Burly Spun, maybe! But doubtful. Yarn selection will be tricky here.

I'll figure it out. In the mean time, I'll work on the other 26 UFOs in my possession. I know, I know!

WIP Wordless Weekend

Friday, November 2, 2012

Guess What These Are?

The top skein is Noro's "Kureyon Sock Yarn".
480 yards
70% superwash wool
30% Nylon

The second skein is Noro's "Taiyo"
220 yards
40% cotton
30% silk
15% wool
15% nylon

Spring 2008...we hope!!!!!

Thursday, November 1, 2012

Name That Picture Contest! Winner picked! Thanks!

Boy, these contests are really super fun!

All you have to do is name the above photo...and if I love it and pick it as the most clever, I'll send you the fabulous prize entire unopened bag of Noro Silk Garden! You knitters out there know how adored this yarn is for it's lovely long color repeats and it's notoriously difficult availability...make sure you include your email address so I can get your address to mail you your wooley prize! Good luck, knitters!