Thursday, January 12, 2012

Jean Pool

I felt powerless. Utterly powerless. The desire to start knitting the Indigo Ripples skirt out of spring Interweave knits took me over. I filled my knitting bag full of some Rowan Denim, which shrinks in length and fades just like jeans, and got started. Rowan, ah, Rowan, I love you! I love Linda Pratt too for sending us tons of charity Rowan yarn for the Va. Tech students to make squares for the blankets. Remember Linda? She used to own 'Great Yarns' in Durham, NC but sold it to a Royal B@#$% (Don't quote me) and went to work for Rowan.
Anyhow, the skirt is coming along famously with a few major exceptions.

I am a bit concerned about my increases, my M1R and M1L. One creates a hole, the other doesn't. Unless I'm doing something wrong I am unaware of, I can not imagine why on earth one would want holes on the sides of their skirt. But that is what seems to be happening here. Arn't there other ways to increase that don't cause holes? Yes! Oh, Hell, what difference does it really make, anyhow? It's not like I'll ever finish it and wear it (no snickers or applause from the peanut gallery, please!).
I sure do love this yarn though.

In unrelated life news, I've started reading the Harry Potter Book #6 (alittle late , I realize). I asked Loren how it was and all she said was "Whew, wow, yeah, pretty intense." That's all I needed to pique my interest. It's been years since I've read other Harry Potter's and I've forgotten how mind blowingly amazing they are. Captivating, really. I even pre-ordered #7 in my excitement!

No Nips!

Everyone that knows me personally, knows I hate to see Nips. Take the trip to TNNA. I shared a room with 4 other women under the strict guideline that I wouldn't see anyone's naked body. Not even a quick nipple shot. Freaks me out. Now. I am not modest, nor am I a prude (God knows) but...anyhow...I once showed my friend Becky my breasts, but that was only because I was 9 months pregnant and they were so weird looking that I wanted to share these "Bulls eyes for babies" with her. She's also not a big fan of the Nips. So, imagine my disappointment when I sat down with my new copy of "Loop-d-Loop Crochet" and discovered page upon page of Nips galore. Not an undergarment in sight. Imagine my horror to see a loosely crocheted skirt over a full B...u...s...h! WTF! I just don't understand this. I guess she is trying to be all edgy and what not but I'm seriously traumatized here. There are also some strange obese transvestites photographed wearing pretty crocheted sweaters...without undergarments. I want a refund!!! Am I overreacting? I think not.

“A positive attitude may not solve all your problems, but it

“A positive attitude may not solve all your problems, but it will annoy enough people to make it worth the effort.” –Herm Albright

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

The Al Gore Pullover

I stole this picture off of Loren's blog...sorry! Had too. Just the dandiest, with off the charts cute factor. And best of all, a sweater I can actually finish before I get bored! Must design pattern.


::I love you::

My brush with fame... famous people I have met...

1. Rod Stewart
2. David Bowie
3. Roseanne Barr
4. David Burne
5. Annie Modesitt
6. Debbie Bliss
7. David Lee Roth
8. Cornelia Tuttle Hamilton
9. Al Gore (well, I saw him speak. Does that count?)
10. I only know him as Max...Woody Allen's side kick. (well, I saw him walking down the street, does that count?)
11. Dr. Diamond from Dr 90210(talked to him on the phone...)
12. Wally (the lead singer) from "The Romantics"

Oh, that's the buy product of "America Gives Back"...I've been sobbing for hours. I need to foster care some children. And go another 3o days without eating Mammals.

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Share Needles!

I am in a much better mood today! Though from the look on my face in this picture, you'd think I used artificial means to get happy, not an organically happy look! In fact I look positively insane! But I assure you, I'm high on life. I screeched to Bfriend "OhmiGaud,look at my face in this picture! I look unbelievably insane and Baby looks like a tard!" he replies "Baby isn't a tard, but you are insane." Oh the love. Moving on (eyes rolling). Today the shop was very busy! Customers were happy and friendly, cheerful and patient...came home from work to a clean house. Ah. Bless that man. Moving on...The Round Trip Jacket...Pretty fun, though this Kureyon seems scratchier than usual. Usually I find it pleasant to knit with. But this knitting time around, it's making my fingers ache. Wierd. Luckily, it is extraordinarily beautiful. And wearable. Now the style, possibly, unwearable. The Round Trip Jacket, has dolman sleeves. I am not entirely sure that this type of sleeve is in style at the moment(head scratching). In fact, I'm sure it is not. But to be honest, I couldn't give a rat's a#$. I am making this fricken sweater! Not to wear most likely, but who says I'll ever get it all...ever? I haven't had a FO in many moons.

So Sandy, another yarn/crack addict started hers last night (Last night! Last night, mind you!)...made out of Noro Iro. It's spectacular...and she finishes her projects eventually.

I got my yarn, Brown Sheep's Lamb's Pride Bulky in the oregano color for my Urban Aran cardigan. I think this will be my most difficult project to date. I've never put in a zipper, either. But life is all about pushing yourself to the next level! Iam not afraid!

I only have one nasty thing to say tonight. I am so angry at Lantern Moon right now I could spit! I was using their ebony circulars, which I love, on my Capecho. And they broke. Separated from their cord. Big deal, you say? This is my 4th that has done that (out of 4 I have owned). At the shop, many many many have been returned for breaking. I just can't understand why they can't get some glue that will hold 'em together!!? Think about the great circular needles out there that keep their acts together...
1. Clover. I've never seen one come apart.
2. Addis. Perfect.
3. Knit Picks. Had some trouble at first, but fixed the issue. Nice sharp points, they didn't make them just like Addis. They set themselves apart by the sharpness of those points. Smart. I still hate them because they are trying to eliminate the LYS.
4. Plymouth. Under the radar. The travel pack is brilliant. And much smaller than Denise's.
5. Denise. As long as you are not a retard and twist them too far. Love the breast cancer pink ones.
6. Susan Bates. Good. For the price.
7. Inox. Heard they were good, tho never tried...want to...maybe I'll get some at The Needle Lady when I'm in Charlottesville next week. Mimi had them last time I looked.

So Lantern Moon...Hiss! Crystal Palace...they suck! (but the straights are nice) SWTC...very yucky, all dented up, pathetic!

What needles am I missing? I am always searching for the best...of course, it also depends on what you are working on, type of yarn etc. But my favorite, without a doubt, the love of my life, Addi turbos. When I die, I want them in my hands in the casket. With a cashmere yarn cake pillow under my head. Colinette Jitterbug socks on my, velvet Danskos. On second thought, who needs sensible shoes when you're dead? Why not wear FM pumps for all those necrophiliacs out there?

Look for My Mug!

Sometime this week there will be an article about "What is Hokie Spirit?" in The New York Times. The reporter and photographer came to the shop and asked us a bunch of questions and took our picture. Yipes! The. New. York. Times. Please God, hear my prayer! If, indeed, there is a picture of me in the newspaper...can I please not look fat? Or have a royally large double chin? Can I not look like a country knitting Dweeb? Thank you in advance, Lord! Pictures don't lie, Sista! Whatever.

So the Knitting Mafia (not KFI, your first thought) is hard at work doing it's own guerilla yarnfare around the NRV. We've taken Orange and Maroon yarn donated to us by the fine folks at Rowan and wrapped it in a tag that says "Knit Me! Or give me to someone who can!" The Mafia has dropped these off in interesting places like nestled in the cabbage section at Kroger or in the bathroom at Starbucks, or the purse section at Target....just to name a few. So fun. I amuse myself.

Keep an eye out for my Mug and my employees/friends mugs in the New York Times this week. Probably tomorrow but I'm not 100% sure. Peace out.

Beware! Fun Fur Crossing!

Congratulations, Lauren! This was the perfect title for this picture! I happened to be feeding animals at a Safari park, and you all know how I feel about Red Heart and Fun Fur! Email me at with your address for me to send you your fabulous Noro! Thanks to all who played!
I sure loved...
Phyl's "Gina's drive through West Virginia"
and Anna's "The surprise drenching of Fun Buttons" (you'd have to have been reading my blog for awhile to remember that complete a@#$%^&!)But all made me laugh! All Good, Sistas!

Guess what I'm doing right now?

Knitting the final few repeats on Juliet and watching the David Cassidy story on VH-1. Gaud, help me! I'm such a sucker for a pretty boy face!

Charlotte NC Part Trois

My new Orla Keily bag filled with an Interweave mag and UFO #237 (Jared's Koolhaas being knit out of Mmmmmalabrigo)

The best part the bag?

I have no excuse if I lose my keys once again...

Cowbination Knitter

Congrats Joyce! Email me at with your mailing address! You'll adore your new bag. Mimi! You would have won with "Cow-Hauss" if you had spelled it like Jared's hat "Cow-haas" so close! Go read the entry from Blacksburg's Knitting's a scream! Thanks for playing everyone!

Rodarte fall 2008


So here is a story for you. About a year and half ago, Mr. Cocaine and I decided we would try and have another baby. We tried and tried and tried and tried. And when I say tried, I mean tried. Accupunture, accupressure, massage, meditation, meditation over a fertility stone... Nothing. So my doctor suggested that maybe I should try Clomid, which tells the ovaries that an egg hasn't been released for the month and to release more. Twins! I romantically swirled around the notion in my head...but...nothing. So we tried that for awhile and then the doctor suggested we try insemination. We tried that twice. No luck. So as I turned 42, my chances of conceiving were looking pretty grim. I was telling myself over and over again that just because I was wretchedly lonely growing up as an only child, my son, would have a different experience. He has more extended family around him and parents that get along.
But even with that certain outcome, I decided to go speak to a fertility specialist at Wake Forest. As I was being examined, the doctor told me I had planned the appointment well. I was ovulating that very moment and he was able to count the follicles in my ovaries. He gently told me the news "Gina, you have 42 year old ovaries." Now imagine my shock! eyeroll He gave me some statistics...

I have a 5% chance of conceiving naturally.
If I pay him $10,000+, I have an 18% chance of conceiving with my own eggs after IVF. With a 65% chance of miscarriage. Hey, do the math!
If I pay him $20,000+ I have a 65% chance of conceiving with donor eggs.
If I pay $35.000, I can adopt a baby.

Well, I left the clinic with one thought. No more. I'm done. If I do decide to do IVF, I'll use donor eggs. And there is no hurry. If I get donor eggs from a 20 year old, it's like I'm 20. So as I drove, I son will be an only child. When I got home, I told Mr. Cocaine the news and I could see mild relief in his face that I was ok with the news of the bad statistical odds. I had resigned myself. It was also my husband's birthday that day, so we celebrated with a romantic evening.

Imagine my surprise when I turned up pregnant 2 weeks later! Now 3 months later, and starting to show, we now are looking at the grim statistics of the 1 in 13 chance of our baby having chromosomal damage. But I'm trying to stay positive here. I'll keep everyone posted when I find out more information as things progress.

I will say one last is funny. Women always tell you, stop trying! You're trying too hard! Well, I did stop trying and lo and behold...again, life is funny. And strange and weird and wonderful all at the same time.

Monday, January 9, 2012

Could Make This in 45 Minutes!

Years ago, Noro discontinued a yarn called Tubu (I think that's what it was called?). But it was very colorful and very thick. Tremendously thick. Thick, I tell you. Due to my nature of wanting things I can't have, I must find some of this yarn. There is nay a skein on Ebay. Does anyone have any of this and care to part with it for a handsome price? Humor me.

2 FO's

The first sweater is a top down raglan out of Claudia Handpaint's Felt virtually knit itself in a week and a half. The second is Helena knit out of Rowan's Pure Life yarn. Organic and dyed with onion peels. Rock'in. Made a mistake and didn't add enough garter stitches to the edging, so it pulls in alittle too much. Alas, I may frog that part of it and redo. Ick. See? I told you I was knitting!


Ok. So today is my Birthday. I am 42. 42. 42. 42. Sigh. In honor of my advanced age, I'd like to do my everysooften list of my favorite yarns right now and my least favorite.

Yarns I love right now

1. Dream in Color Classy
2. Farmhouse Andy's Merino
3. Malabrigo
4. Claudia Handpaints Felt Me
5. Brown Sheep Lamb's Pride
6. Berroco's Pure Merino
7. Berroco's Ultra Alpaca

Yarns I Hate

1. Berroco's Comfort
2. Noro's Daria Multi
3. Art Yarn Ultramerino (splitty)
4. Cascade 220
5. Most Prism yarns
6. Lion Brand Cotton Ease
7. Debbie Bliss Cashmerino in any form.

So there you have it for this week. Next week I may have a new favorite or abhorrent fiber...stay tuned. I just did a cartwheel outside in my yard. And now I need some Advil. Sad.

Sunday, January 8, 2012

Holy Mother of Gosh!

In a spectacular effort to buy back Darry's undying and adoring love, I bought the entire Sublime collection. It got shipped yesterday. I have no earthly idea where it will go. I have no space for it. And I mean, I have no space for it. All day long, I begged customers to go in the back and buy bags of it...some did, some laughed at me. I was grateful that they bought anything at made more room. Any little bit gone helps the issue. I wanted to give big bear hugs to any one buying anything! Yipes. Thats when you know your ego got the better of you. The yarn is fabulous. But I sell other stuff too, for Gosh's sake!

I am in so much trouble! (rubbing temples, eyes bulging). I think I need to have a sale! I definately need to call and get more glass shelves shipped ASAP! Breathe, Gina, breathe! At this moment, I need to think of pretty the Amaryllis in my dining room...

The slice of Blood orange about to go into my Cranberry/pomegranite,Vodka drink...who's self medicating? Not I ! Never!

Cajun food...Okra, rice and gravy, Maquechu (made-up cajun word), I want to slather my body in the stuff...

But all roads lead back to the nightmare that is TOO MUCH YARN! Kill me now. There, I said it. It is possible, Ladies and Gents, to have too much yarn (unless you get it for free).

Here is the direct red batphone 540-961-gina. (not 867-5309) Call me, buy some Sublime, I will personally deliver it to your door with a plate of cookies and a basket of kittens or puppies (your choice). You can choose to not have the animals. I'll understand. If you live more than 12 hours from me and don't have a pool in your backyard or skiing, I'll ship it to you for free. Minus the animals but with cookies.

Nothing Like Perpetuating The Stereotype!


GO READ "The Road" by Cormac McCarthy RIGHT NOW! Just do it!

Mint Chutney @ MS&W


I walked right up to this Ewe and put my hand against the side of his face. I immediately felt him relax and lean into my hand. He then looked deep into my eyes and they said to me "I'm just like you. Please help me. Take me away. I love you." But the message was quiet and not frantic. More resigned. I stayed with him as long as could without looking like a looney. Then I slowly walked out of the barn and back into the festival, with the smoke rising from the lamb meat pits.

Friday, January 6, 2012

Another Contest! Yippee! We have a Winner!

Here is another chance to play "Name That Photo!". All you have to do is come up with a clever name for the above photo, and if I deem it the very entire unopened bag of Debbie Bliss' famed super chunky Cashmerino! A beautiful blend of cashmere, wool ,and microfiber, and totally machine washable! This fiber luscious prize is worth $160.00! Come on, Ya'll! You've got nothing to lose and all the fiber to gain! Good luck, Knitters!

So Cool. Why Didn't I think Of That Twice?

Handspun Art Yarn from her wedding dress - 181 yds on Etsy


Handspun Art Yarn from the wedding dress - take something no longer useful and upcycle it to a higher purpose...

One (1) 16 yr. old size 8 country tulle style wedding dress

Cut into long thin strips and scraps using sewing shears.

Handspun into singles on a foot operated spinning wheel.

Plyed on a drop spindle.

No other material used.

Transformed into 181 yards of useable art yarn.


75yds. - 2ply sparkle tulle and lace net (4.0 ounces)
33yds. - 2ply satin lining and body lace (6.3 oz.)
10yds. - 2ply sparkle tulle (0.3 oz.)
13yds. - 2ply "bit of everything" (4.7 oz.)
13yds. - 2ply sparkle tulle and trimmings (0.9 oz.)
2.5yds - scraps tied to tulle, kite tail style (1.2 oz.)
35yds. - single ply nylon netting (1.3 oz.)



Thursday, January 5, 2012

Alice In Wonderland...and Black Eyed Susans

Well...the sale really officially ended today (thanks, Kit!). One of the most successful sales to date. With people making sweaters instead of funfur scarves, the amount of yarn they need to get for a project is 10 times greater. Oh, exciting times for Knitters, if I dare say. The choices, the sweaters, the blogs, the needles...sigh. Today Priscilla came to see me after a year long absence and really got me at a good time. So much yarn went out the door in the last 5 days...I needed more, more, more! I bought tons of Hanne Falkenberg kits (my newest obsession). I have to call Swedish Yarns this week to set up the trunk show. They'll send me all the styles of sweaters for customers to see and try on! Yummy! Then, if I don't have the style in the color the customer wants, I can special order it for them...if you've never seen one of these sweaters in person, shwooo, miss'in out! They are so extraordinarily flattering on the human shape. Especially a shapely shape!

I want to make this Dacapo to wear with my new maternity (they are comfortable,ok?) Seven jeans...

I also bought Tilli Tomas, yarn with beads and crystals already attached...they also have the best priced silk on the market right now. She has come out with a recycled Sari silk as well that will take your breathe away!

How cute is Phoenix Bess? Last year, her mother (kind and sweet) and I were trying to figure out a way to get her Debbie Bliss Astrakan in large quantities for a sweater she was designing...but Kilos were all we could get from the Italian mill and they couldn't go that deep at the time. I'm sure now that wouldn't be a problem. Between Phoenix, and all the press she gets now, and her mom, who makes those cute animal print needles with the boa around them, they are crank'in!

I can hardly wait to get this stuff in, I'm not sure I'll be able to sleep! Anybody know a good accountant? Geez, those poor accountants, last day for businesses...slaving away in front of their computers...

Perfect ending to the night

Wednesday, January 4, 2012

The Curse of the One Day Sweater

Whenever I say to myself, Self? I'm going to knit this sweater in one day! It's the Evening Shell from Wenlan Chia. I can do it, piece of cake. Simple. Mindless. Fun. Twinkle's new soft Chunky Merino, like 1.5 stitches/inch, on size 19 needles, a sleeveless problem. As soon as the thought...sweater in one day hits the neural transmitters, my mitochondria start f#$%^&* around with my knitting mojo, baby.

A few issues to start with, as I was taking the yarn out of the box, I was first struck with the thought, "Wow, soft stuff!" then the second thought that flooded my cerebral hemispheres was "Woe, this feels kinda wet!" I jumped on the phone and called Classic Elite. Jim, the owner, told me this wasn't the first he has heard of the strange sensation of wet yarn...but he assured me that the Twinkle people say it's a treatment they put on the yarn in China before exporting. Not sure I believe that, I'm acutely aware of the delinquency of getting yarn out to the shops. It might have been a rush job (not dry) to coincide with the launching of the book. But I'll keep the faith, the yarn is pretty nice...until the first whiff of mildew.

Like my stitch markers? An old bling bling earring I found on the ground in a parking lot and a safety pin. Brilliant notions. SOS Bryson! Anyhow, this tank pattern is written very poorly with many mistakes, so essentially, I'm just staring at the picture of it and winging it. I frogged way too many times, threw it across the room, and cursed it under my foot. I swear, if anyone ever hears me utter these words, "I think I'll knit this sweater in one day. I know I can do it.", you have licence to slap me full across the face or give me the 3 stooges eye poke.

Finger Food

Thanks Mimi for that winning title!
Come by the shop for your bag of Noro! There were some that "almost" won...
Miranda's "Tastes of...chicken?"
Julie's "Hmmm...needs a little more Old Bay"
Aunt Chrissy's "Pass the salt, please"
Thanks for playing everyone...and stay tuned for the next contest with an even more delicious fiberlicious prize! xoxox

Extraordinary People Knit

Monday, January 2, 2012

Whew, it's over.

Another Christmas finished with the usual gluttony, drama from Baggage, Prima Donna behavior from Baggage, vomiting, drained bank accounts, headaches, distended stomachs, lots of full trash bags that don't all fit in the trashcan, the frig. full to the gills with food uneaten...this year I was on antibiotics so I couldn't drink a drop of alcohol to ease the Christmas pain...but Sisters and Brothers, I took my last pill over 12 hours ago and I'm making up for lost time!

Funny, I received some pretty great gifts this year, a really nice poncho from MOMA, a Burberry cashmere scarf, a couple books, but not one single knitting related gift. Bfriend is obsessed with cooking, got him a million cookbooks, pizza stone, Le Creuset dutch ovens, wooden spoons...Mom, obsessed with setting up her sewing room (no, doesnt sew, knows how, but has Bonomo's Clothiers)so I got her amazing scissors, all those new hip sewing books(like Built by Wendy, In stitches etc)LOTS of sewing related objects, and she also asked for an Ipod, so I got her a nano she can go running with and a Bose docking stereo system. She opened it and said " Whats this?". But not one Knitting related object for me. Ok. Yes. I own the LYS. But what does a knitter love? We Heart Yarn! Buy me anything but Red heart, Bernat, Caron, or Crystal Palace, or some icky scratchy LOPI or fun fur or cotton classic or, oh, I guess the list is kinda long...hate me some Swedish Yarn Twins or Peaches and Creme cause I know its CHEAP! Or Sugar and Creme, anything with creme! Or Debbie Bliss Cotton Cashmere cause it splits or ETC! ETC. Ok, Iam getting mildly hysterical. I did get great gifts, may I reiterate. AND I sent out 125 Christmas cards and got 6. I am not whining, mind you. Just scratching my head in wonder. Maybe the writing is on the wall. Everyone hates me.

Ok. Breathe. Bfriend just explained to me in a sweet low voice that no one would dare get me Knitting stuff, cause they assume, I buy all the new books (which I do) and I am very particular about yarn color (which I am). and alot of my friends are going thru serious life trauma and probably didn't send out Xmas cards and 100 of them I sent to customers, they won't send me one back, thats wierd! Speaking of wierd, James Brown did nothing for me...but how icky to wake up on christmas and give the gift of death to your family ! My gaud! I need a pedicure.