Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Where do we go from here?

Today was not a very nice day for us here in Blacksburg. In fact, today turned into a hell that can't be fathomed. What will happen to us now? Does this mass murder, hours ago, define us forever? To hear President Bush talk about my town and how sad he is for the families and the scarring of us all...this cannot be real. This cannot be happening. This all must be a nightmare I will soon wake up from after a fitfull nights sleep.

Keep your loved ones close tonight. oxoxox

Back To Life...

All I have to do when the world gets too crazy, is sit down on the floor and play with my little boy. His simplicity and innocence keeps me focused. We sing "The Itsy Bitsy Spider", "Baa Baa Black Sheep" (of course!), and "Old Macdonald" for hours! How can you let the sickness of the world trouble you when your 2 year old is tap dancing to a nursery rhyme?

I digress!
This is a frigg'in Knitt'in Blog! Get with it! Scarf from Habu Textiles, stainless steel, believe it or not. Wonderful texture...will look beautiful with all my linen Eileen Fisher.

On another topic...anyone who lives around here see the Roanoke Times Current section today? There was an article on Hokie Healing. I feel like this project has the potential to be similarly interesting to people much like the Aid's Quilt is. We shall see how it all unfolds as we get closer to the deadline for the squares.

oxoxoxo and out came the sun and dried up all the rain , so, the Itsy Bitsy Spider climbed up the spout again!

Sunday, October 9, 2011

I'm Sorry. Humor My Obsession

Car Ride Home From MS@W

: A Bob pin on Becky :

: Some of my yarn loot :

: Cher checks her teeth (Notice Bob pin) :

: Becky nuzzles apple green roving :


I'm heading out today to Columbus for the TNNA show (annual yarn trade show) and thought I'd jot down a quick list of lines I want to pick up while I'm there. I'm trying desperately to have different and amazing yarn to sell in the vendor room during Purl Jam. My Malabrigo fell through. I had ordered beaucoup of the lace weight, merino, and also the brand spank'in new sock yarn. I had even ordered exclusive colors for the event. Then, I got the dreaded e'mail from Tobias alerting me of a previous evening's Mill fire. Head hitting desk. So it's crucial during this trip to look for and work with these yarn dyers to get me the goods...like, in a week. Here is what I've got so far...

1. Jojo Land
2. Chameleon Colors
3. Smooshy...Dream in Color
4. Shibui
5. Habu
5. Harry Potter Opal sock yarn

Not a great long list. Ug. I'll be running that conference hall like a knitting bat out of Hell.

Saturday, October 8, 2011

Loving Lafayette

Aunt Chrissy knitted Baby one of these knitted gator scarves...perfect for our trip in Louisiana Cajun Country. He is so dang cute in it, sipping his gumbo and chewing his kumquats from Grandmaw's trees. I'll show pictures soon. Right now I've got to pick some pig from my teeth. Sorry I missed everyone at the sale, especially all my Ravelry Homeys, Hugs!

Oh, I almost forgot! Here are my New Year's Resolutions...short and sweet...

1. Get a Wheelchair so I can knit and be wheeled around.
2. No Sausage!
3. Take more time for my friends.
4. Spend less money.
5. Hang up my clothes (some things never change).
6. Buy more Yarn.
7. Knit faster.
8. Floss.
9. Eat more really really expensive chocolate.
10. Go visit Bali for 2 weeks.

Let's hope I can accomplish some off my list. It will be tough, especially the wheelchair part. Convincing someone to push me around will be tricky.
Happy New Year!


High Cute Factor

Love Fest

Friday, October 7, 2011

The Drone of Stockinette in the Round...

Can there be anything more mind numbing and agonizingly boring than knitting in the round endless rows? Really. Is there? Makes me feel like chewing up an Oxycoton or smok'in a crack pipe to get thru Klaralund. I'm also in a real pickle here. I sold the last copy of the book the pattern was out of. So I need to either call someone I know that has a copy and make them read it to me or buy a copy retail. Eeeww. What a revolting thought. Just Joshing! We should all pay retail! Hurray for retail prices! On another note, my beautiful daughter, who has my eyes, Purl now is the proud owner of a gorgeous cashmere sweater. Mimi knitted it for her in a couple of hours! Yes, the dog is small. Oh, only the best for Purl Bonomo, I'm leaving her a shopping center when I die. She can share it with her brother. Yes, she does look like an alien.

You can see a nice picture of Purl and her sweater on Mimi's blog. For some reason, she doesnt have any trouble taking a picture of Purl that isn't blurry. Frickin frack.

Had a very productive day today.
I woke up early. I flossed. I bathed. I went to work. I knitted on Klaralund. I started a new Lizard Ridge square. I knitted on Eunny's Endpaper Mitts(isn't Fair isle, fair?) I walked my dog (she's 3 pounds with half inch legs. We didnt walk far). I played with my son outside in the beautiful (global warming) sunny winter day (75 degrees). I ate very little for dinner. I blogged (present tense). So good to be a contributing person in society. What I didn't accomplish...no exercise. Too much coffee. Didn't shave my pits or legs. Oh, well, there is always another day and another dollar. I'm out.

Flat As A Pancake...

My Trip Home

So I was driving home from work today...and I almost ran over a Tech student. He wasn't looking and stepped right into the road (I wasn't on campus) in front of my car. If I had not slammed on the breaks with both feet and been driving a brilliantly designed German performance vehicle...he would be pushing up daisies right now. And what would happen to me then? I wouldn't stop knitting in prison, if that's where you're going with that. I'd fill my cell up with charity prison yarn and fend off Diesels with my filed down metal Boye needles. I'd trade darning needles for stitch markers. You block my lace shawl, B@#$%, and I'll seam up your Fair Isle Bohus! I'd get a tatoo on my upper arm of a skull and needles...something like this...

The day I would get out of the joint, I'd be wearing my crocheted Homespun poncho. I'd turn to the guard on the way out and flip her off with my thimbled middle finger. I'd play hackey sac with a ball of Cascade Fixation to my getaway car(a beat up Buick), driven by my unemployed son, now 35, with his 3 runny nosed kids in the back (3 different Mothers). Life could have taken another strange turn today...But the Tech student just kept on walk'in, oblivious, never knowing what could have just happened and the future that passed before my eyes...

Pardon Me (I Didn't Knit That for You)

Thursday, October 6, 2011

Outside My Door

Some animals have it rough...what are you? A fox? Rabid? Old? What?

What I Ordered.

Here is a list of orders I wrote during the show.

1. Shi Bui
2. Habu
3. Mountain Colors
4. Flat feet by Conjoined Creations
5. Colinette Jitterbug
6. Dream in Color
7. Opal (but not the Harry Potter because it looked like s#$%!)
8. Believe it or not, Plymouth (they have these super cute travel needle kits...like 1,000 needles cleverly housed in a wallet the size of your palm)
9. Lorna's Laces
10. Meunch

Can't wait! I'm a tad nervous about Habu, it's so different (ie. paper, stainless steel, tiny little sushi like skeins with tons of yardage on it) I just hope my customers understand it. It's highly sophisticated and glamorous. Sure, when I had my shoe store, I sold $300 french shoes...but Mosaic is a bit more proletariat, to say the least. A bit more.......Floyd County?

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Welcome To My World

The most photographed chairs in the world. Le Corbusier twins covered in crap that make noise and torment my soul. I promise knitting content this weekend. Promise! I've been knitting nonstop and I believe I've developed bed sores and blood clots because of it. Will it all be worth it in the end?

Alien Bonomo is watching you!

Isn't she lovely? Doesn't she look just like me?

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Sayonara Sole Mate...

At Noon today I found out that the shoe store, Sole Mate, that I created 10 years ago, that I sold to my Manager 5 years ago...is closing it's doors at the end of this month. I have very mixed feelings about this closing. It feels like an end of an era for me, even though I had really nothing to do with it after I sold it. I threw myself into the yarn business. I looked back for awhile, longing for certain aspects only "Ready to Wear" can provide (ie. Carrie's Sex and the City). Like 18 pairs of Dansko Professionals (a year), free Eileen Fisher, free BCBG, free Arches and Mephistos, ah! When I told people I was opening a yarn shop, many people curled their lips and scratched their heads..."But, Fashion is so fashionable! Shoes are cool! Knitting is so old lady! Yuck!" They did not understand the power of Funky Fur scarves (remember, this was 5 years ago!). They couldn't possibly have understood the number of rabid fiber freaks foaming at the mouth circling yarn shops like buzzards around a carcass...no. They couldn't have guessed it. But, ultimately, the yarn industry has proven to be very kind to me and knitting has provided solace during some very difficult times in my life (Divorce, Death of Best Friend). Knitting helped me cope. Along with exercise, the cuddle of a Lil'Pug, and the ears and couches of good friends.

When I heard the news of the closing of the shoe store, at first I was upset, wanting her to call and sell it back to me! But it dawned on me that if she was declaring bankruptsy, the name Sole Mate, in The Biz, is dead. so. Hum. A Chapter in my past life, closed forever. But (skipping and tap dancing, arms thrown in the air) Life goes on! (Twirling and diving on sofa with legs in the air) Long Live Mosaic!!! May you thrive and prosper Forever! Cheers! (Martini raised above head, eyes closed)

On a side note, I've decided to hold a contest (shitz and giggles!)
Name That Yarn Contest!
Here are the rules...
The person that comes up with the best name for my hand dyed yarn wins
1. A $100 Gift certificate to Mosaic
2. A trip with me to TNNA in Columbus Ohio in June 07
3. A big bear hug (optional)
I need the logo and the name and the picture(or the idea of what the picture is) that will be on my label.

Good Luck folks, I know you've got it in you. And you know I heart Pugs. Peace out!

The Price-Pottenger Story

Sushi from the New River for me!

The child has colic. Every other night from 5pm to 8pm, she

The child has colic. Every other night from 5pm to 8pm, she cries bloody murder. Never letting up. Nonstop. We do what ever we can to soothe her, but nothing works. Sometimes it is followed with a poo, sometimes not. Our nerves are really so frazzled and I resemble the picture you see before you. Buried.
I am starting to knit again however. Maybe that's why she cries so much? She quite possibly prefers crochet.



Sunday, October 2, 2011

I Can't Stay Quiet Anymore

What I'm about to say here in this blog post is quite controversial. It's a loaded issue that makes me sick to think about, talk about, heck, knit with. Here I go...I hate the Debbie Bliss Cashmerino Line. Why does this upset me so much?

1. I personally find Debbie Bliss, a charming and dear woman who I would invite into my home 365 days/year. She and I have had many a laugh over a Gin & Tonic and a fine meal. I love her.

2. I sell alot of the yarn in my shop. Alot. Tons. Look at it! Great colors. Soft. Washable. Pretty stitch definition. Blahblahblah.

3. Working for KFI, I sold alot of this yarn to shops shouting from the rooftops about it's virtues. It's perfect yarn! Soft. Washable. Deep pattern support. Debbie is the best! I financially benefited. The shops financially benefited.

But let's face it folks, the yarn lets you down. After only a few wearings, your sweater, or mittens, or hat, or scarf...will Pill! And PILL PILL! PILL! PILL! Like, really badly. I cannot, in good conscience, promote or encourage or knit with this yarn anymore. But, at the same time, I feel like I've lost a good friend. God, I hope Sion Elalouf (Pres. of KFI) isn't readiing this right now. Or Debbie B. for that matter. Please forgive me.

Purl Jam 2008

So the planning for my knitting retreat, Purl Jam, June 20th, 21st, and 22nd, is well underway with one contract signed so far. Annie Modesitt will be teaching 2 classes Fri and Sat, and one on Sunday. I'm waiting for the other contracts to be signed and sent to me...tick tick tick. I want to get our designers locked in so I can get fliers printed and out to the public. The planning part is giving me heartburn. Cry me a river!

Saturday, October 1, 2011

Who Knew.

Who knew the Clap could feel so good? (if you are reading this and you don't knit, I'm referring to the Clapotis from the archives of Knitty.com.) I am about to start section 3 where I get to begin dropping stitches. High Five!

I woke bright and early today fully prepared for a day of excess. I'll organize my closet by season! I shall polish my silver! I'm going to publish a bestselling knitting book! I'm going to weed my entire back yard! My mood reminded me of the time I chewed up an Oxycontin left over from my fibroid surgery. I broke the pill's time release and proceeded into mania that involved me calling my friends and telling them I was moving to NYC to be a famous recording star, because I have a beautiful singing voice, I'm a stunning beauty, and I can write songs the whole world sings.

So back to today, I went to work, sat down with my Clapotis and triple espresso, and never. Got. Off the couch! The rest of the daggone day. To top it all off, the Roanoke Times ( who has done a story on us twice now, called me and did an interview over the phone.

"Ms...Bomono, is it?" "Bonomo. B as in Boy, O, N as in Nancy, O, M as in Mary, O."
"So, What made you think of doing the blankets?" I honestly felt a wave of nausea come over me. I've been asked that question by the Roanoke Times over 20 times. The news reporters...they keep asking me the same question a myriad of different ways, I guess, hoping for a better answer than what I give them. Yuck. But I answered it the best I could, despite my nausea. "We're Knitters. This is what we do. We knit things, and we give them away." etc etc etc etcetcetcetcetcetc. Sigh. Well, I got nothing accomplished today...except for a few more inches on the Clap.
Je dois obtenir de mon âne et cesser la pleurnicherie !