Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Tomato, Tomatoe

I went to the farmers market yesterday to buy a kitchen full of food. They have the best meat there, no hormones, grain fed, cows roaming the field happy and not under stress. I bought these huge monstrosities called tomatoes. I bought teeny tiny ones, green ones, purple ones, striped ones, dark eggplant colored ones...

I bought stunning sunflowers, their faces so grand they look like they will jump out of the vase and run towards me screaming(a dollar a flower!). Everything is so inexpensive at the market and so fresh, I just can't figure out why I ever step foot in Kroger in the summer for anything except tp and tampons!? Of course, I realize all of this mid August (Stupid!Stupid!)

Friday, July 6, 2012

It's All In The Jeans...

It's a sad day in your life when you realize that even if you try hard at something, that doesn't mean you'll do it well. Sure, you'll get better. But if you don't have a natural'll never be great at it. Take piano, for instance. Two people starting out. One is a natural. One isn't. Both practice all day, all night. The natural, the more she practices the closer she gets to greatness, concert pianist. The unnatural, she practices and practices, eventually, she'll be able to play ok. Average. So even if you think, and tell your children, that if you want something bad enough, and work hard enough, you'll get it...untrue. You can improve. Yes. What am I getting at? I got the new Interweave Knits today. And in it is a pattern from Grumperina. She is a knit blogger who has only been knitting for 2 years. And I've seen her work. It's pretty good. Here is someone who has only been knitting a very short time and already she is getting her patterns published. I, on the other hand, have been knitting since I was 8. Granted, I really honestly started cranking 5 years ago. But my skill level is still at intermediate. But the quality of my work is sloppy. No matter how hard I try, I'll never be a great knitter. I knit when I'm lying down, half asleep, stressed, drunk, with a headache, in the car, upsidedown, etc. My stitches are uneven and zany. It takes me days to understand patterns. (Rememer Lizard Ridge?) Eventually I get it...but I am not a natural. I want to be good, so badly it hurts. I wanted to be a Prima ballerina too, when I was 16 and I danced 5 hours a day. But that never happened either. At best, it helped me not make a fool of myself dancing at a club. No natural affinity.


So, on to the next topic, I restarted my Log Cabin socks, this time with Rowan's Calmer. Nice yarn to knit with. Has a springy feel to it. They will feel nice on the toes. I'm using the Lantern Moon Sock Stix in Ebony to knit them. Nice needles and I don't have to worry about them coming apart! They were $28 dollars. $28. You heard me. Yep. $28 big ones. Now doesn't that seem a bit excessively priced? Ridiculous! I was aghast, but I tried not to let Mimi at The Needle Lady witness my shock and horror. I was afraid my credit card would be declined on that one! Sock needles, for Christ's sake!

We are heading back from Charlottesville today. Here is the ice scating rink outside our room...

We had made a little Valentines junket to our favorite closest city. I could live here tomorrow. I just love this place! I love the shopping, the restaurants, the downtown walking blood doesn't boil everytime I drive thru Downtown like it does in Blacksburg. I remember the day they cut down all the old gorgeous trees Downtown because the Downtown Merchants were complaining that their business was so bad because of the trees blocking their signs. It couldn't be possible that the reason those businesses are not doing well is that they suck at business? They have undesirable products? Dusty shelves? Unhelpful staff? Bad food? Lousy hours? Unfriendly owner? No, blame the trees. It's their fault. So they cut down 30 year old beautiful trees full of lovely birds to expose hideous buildings. Losers. I went down there that day and went up to the tree cutters and threatened to chain myself to the one of the trees. They laughed at me, spit their tobacco juice and chuckled that it wouldn't stop them. Oh, don't get me started. Blacksburg has alot of problems and I'm not sure anyone can fix it. Unless they start hiring quality people to run the show. And start some city planning, and use some brains.

Oh, and I got this from Bfriend. Thanks, Baby! You didn't have to go all out like that! You always over do it! Where on earth did you find it? I'm one lucky girl! Sorry for the blurry photo, I was crying tears of joy when I snapped the picture...

What did I do to deserve this?

Tuesday, July 3, 2012 won't knit a test gauge?

Contest! Contest! Name this Photo!

Winner receives a free bag of Debbie Bliss Alpaca Silk (valued at $99.50 USD)80% alpaca, 20% silk .Aran weight. 5mm (US 8) needles. If you've never knitted with this yarn, you are in for a big a@# treat! I'll announce the winner Wednesday morning, April 9th. This is an easy one! But remember from previous contests... I prefer titles over captions!



Why is this so additive?


Mr. Cocaine

My Dad