Thursday, August 9, 2012

My Visit with Prez Clinton

So here is how it all went down. I picked Cathy up at her house around 3pm and we drove to Roanoke. I made sure not to bring really much of anything except one of my lightest messenger bags with knitting, the drivers license, and a credit card. I didn't want to be bogged down by alot of weight... I just knew we'd be waiting in line a long time. So we get to Center in the Square and find a handicap spot relatively close to where we needed to be. As we are getting out of the car, Cathy gets her crutches (she decides against the wheelchair) from the back seat and a sweater she had thrown back there. She turns around and hands me the sweater. "Carry this for me. Thanks" The sweater was a full length car coat made out of hard core wool and weighed close to 75 pounds. She's a cripple. Who am I to say no? But I wasn't happy about it.

So it's 85 degrees still outside and we are waiting in line going on 2 hours now. Cathy is sitting in a chair the Obama people got for her and I'm standing holding this Eskimo coat. 2.5 hours later, they escort us to the Handicap section and seat us directly next to...the speakers. Now, after this event, I would then become officially handicapped. Completely and totally deaf. The music and voices coming through the speakers were like a knife piercing my inner ear drum. I really feared for the future and the future of my ear canal. Desperately, sensing Cathy's despair along with mine, I rummaged around in my bag for something like paper to shove in our ears. At the very bottom of my bag, found a tampon (unused). I tore open the wrapper and shredded up the cotton part of it and we both shoved it into our ears. We were better after that.

My observations of the evening were that Bill...he is very good at getting his point across to simple minded folk. He speaks plain english and speaks slowly. After he spoke for about 15 minutes, he went down the fence and shook our hands. I was struck at how much younger, thinner, more fit, and better looking in person he was. Still ruddy faced, but he looked no older then 45. All in all, I'm glad I saw him and listened to him. I'll never doubt his love for Obama again.

Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Sum Knitting

Still not sure how this Noro shrug-esque thingie comes together, but I'll be sewing it up tonight and we'll do a little try-on. Hopefully, it will be cute and work. Make it work!

I'm currently knitting a sweater for my son. I thought Berroco's Comfort was an excellent choice for a child's sweater.

Inexpensive, soft, washable. Lets add, splits like a M@#$% F@#$%^, makes sloppy stitches, flat color. I highly unrecommend this yarn for all your knitting needs. I give this yarn a D-. Sorry Norah. Sorry Bob. You know what they always say! If it seem too good to be true...

Monday, August 6, 2012

Ice, Ice, Baby!

To the extreme, I rock the mike like a vandal. Light up the stage and watch it jump like a candle...there's an ice storm in Blacksburg today and I could'nt be happier! A Knitter's paradise! Though I am a bit concerned about the Japanese Maple tree outside my front window...but it sure is pretty.

And we have food in the freezer...Pathetic Lean Cuisines, Creepy Apple Vodka, Tasty 1,000 calorie/slice of kosher (Blessed food is certainly a bonus) NYC pizza, Spumoni, and enough fake meat products to choke a horse (wierd choice of words,eh?). Alas, we won't starve. That's because Baby is 16 months old. If he were 16 years old, we'd have to strap the tennis rackets onto our feet and trek down to Kroger to get the teen more food. I know my future...

And we have the newest Knitting book, the current knitting project, and a blanket to cuddle up is rich.

And don't forget Puppy Pugs and sweet little boys and charming bfriends to round out a glorious day...

Sunday, August 5, 2012

Knitting and Waiting 4 the World 2 Change

What do you know? My stars! Knitting content on a knitting blog. Weird. So, despite my known affliction with Startitis and Second Sock Syndrome, I've started Monkey's out of Koigu on 2 size 1 circular needles. Some tinking, but no frogging. But we still have another UFO to add to the ever growing list. Bite me. I'd also like to share with you the picture of my new husband (#3, but I swear the last). We married in a quiet ceremony on a cliff in Fiji last week. He's a very loving husband and quite attentive and likes to sing to me any chance he gets (and rub my feet). Boy, I'm a lucky gal. Must have a baby with him ASAP!

Saturday, August 4, 2012

Where Is My Mother And Is She knitting?

Hey Ya'll! One month since I had Marcella....I'm madly in love with her. However, with each passing day, she's getting more assertive and ill-at-ease. She hates being messed with and seems a bit on the cranky side. I am nursing her but my milk supply has been low and I've had to supplement her feeding with that crap Similac. This soy Similac is essentially half corn syrup, then balanced with sugar, coconut oil, corn oil and soy. Crap. But my boobs are only producing about an ounce each every 6 hours. Not enough.

As for knitting? As soon as I start knitting, she starts screaming. It's uncanny, really.

Thursday, August 2, 2012


Thank God.

And I really mean that.

Goodbye Cruel World?

Sorry it has been so quiet around here. I'm pretty much just slogging through the days of this pregnancy bit by bit. I'm also trying to stay excited about my little girl arriving in a few months, but some physical changes to my body have been putting a damper on my parade.
Ok. Deep breath. And this is getting so old, believe me. Seems like I can't catch an emotional break during all of this. Next week I go see a surgeon to look at some unsavory changes in my breast tissue. My Obgyn didn't seem too concerned and told me not to worry....but is sending me to a specialist to rule out Inflammatory Breast Carcinoma. It's a rare cancer that doesn't involve lumps and is very fatal. I'm trying to remain calm. I'm trying to think positive thoughts. But the symptoms are hard to ignore. And the ramifications are almost too hard to fathom or to bear. How many times have I said this...

Life is full of trade offs.

Ok. You want another baby at 42? You can have one, but you'll die a painful horrifying death and orphan your children.

3 months ago I noticed part of my breast turned red. A month ago, I called my Dr. and asked what it could be. He told me to wait till my next appointment and he would look at it. So another month goes by. Finally last week he looked at it.

"Yes, I see what you are talking about. A quadrant of your breast is discolored and there is some swelling. I don't think it is something you should worry about. I believe it is some benign hormonal changes due to pregnancy."

"Hey, Doc, ok. But if it isn't benign...what would the worst case scenario be?"

"Well, that's why I'm going to send you to a surgeon to rule out Inflammatory Breast Carcinoma."

If I were single...if I were childless...I feel I could deal with this alot easier. But the thought of dying and leaving my 2 (!) little babies without their Mother, it's almost too much for me to wrap my head around at this moment. I fear flying. I fear death. I fear pain. But nothing compares to contemplating your children being orphaned and them not having memories of you. Them growing up and not remembering their Mother's embrace, kiss, face. voice.

I think I'll regret writing this blog entry. But to those who really know me, I can't hide. I just wish someone could tell me that everything is going to turn out ok. That I'm not really sick and the symptoms I'm experiencing are just normal pregnancy issues. But I spend hours and hours pouring over the info/symptoms on the internet and looking at pictures. And I'm sensing the grim reaper creeping up behind me.

I'm also a Hypochondriac. And a drama queen. And a pessimist. I know all this to be true. I always assume the worst when it comes to my health. I assume the worst because somehow in my twisted mind, I feel that it prepares me more for the worst (which is just bullcrap and I know it). I've been dying of something for 20 years. But this time I can't deny the symptoms.

Why can't I just have a moments peace during this pregnancy?

Wednesday, August 1, 2012

The Big Gift

The Prince's new car has these special features:

1. Working headlights and brakelights
2. A working radio
3. Tool kit
4. Under the hood, an elaborate looking engine to tinker with.
5. Seat belts
6. Faux leather seats
7. Goes from 2.5 mph up to 5 mph
8. Automatically and instantly breaks if you take your foot off the accelerator.
9. Roll bar
10.Rear view mirrors

I would have given up actual organs for a car like this when I was a kid!!!!