Saturday, November 10, 2012

4 Your Eyes Only...

Sorry I've been absent the last few days, Bfriend and I have a new apartment in Charlottesville, and we needed to fluff it up. Put the sheets on the beds, fill up the fridge with food (spend our entire life savings at Whole Foods, yeah, right?), put clothes in the drawers, put books in the bookshelves. That done, I'm back and ready to finally fulfill my obligation to Sandra...the Meme about what is in my pockets. Truthfully? A credit card. So instead of taking a photo of my card, which would be sheer insanity, I've changed the Meme to be "What's in my Messenger bag?"

A Diaper, Huggies size 6
Bobbi Brown Lipstick, color Raisin
Tampax Tampon Super Plus
Ultra Alpaca Ruffle Scarf with Susanne's Ebony needles
Hampton Inn ink pen, one of a thousand I own.
Goody Hair Thingie
My Moo Cards from Fickr
Burberry Wallet
Victorinox Swiss Card

Now throw in hundreds of Starbucks receipts and there you have it! What is in your purse, Aunt Chrissy, Mimi, Loren, Belinda, Beckmeister, Stefani, Phyllis, and Debbie??? Which purse, Phyl? Pick the closest one to your person.

Less than one week till TNNA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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