Saturday, November 10, 2012

More details...yes? 1. Had Breakfast with Corneli...

More details...yes?

1. Had Breakfast with Cornelia Tuttle Hamilton, she told us about her new African Hot Boyfriend...she said he "fits" her perfectly.

2. Went to the TNNA fashion show and watched some interesting garments strut down the runway. The tape broke, so no DVD to put on the blog.

3. Met Nicky Epstein, she is as cute as a button, in a wide black dress.

4. Discussed Gun Control with Annie Modesitt . She had buzzed her hair off.

5. Met Amy Singer, she's cool. She gave me a pin with a sheep on it saying "Is it my breath?"

6. Rode on a bus with Cat Bordhi and she showed me pictures of her grandbaby. Then she gave me some insight into how to speed up my Fleece Artist order I placed 1.5 months ago.

7. Met the CEO of Lorna's Laces, Beth. We both decided that I was a head shorter than her, at least. She likes white wine, I like red. She was amazingly intense and loud, loud, loud!

8. Made Debbie Bliss knit a Hokie square and made fun of her having to rip it out several times. She's so self deprecating, it's easy to poke fun.

9. Mimi farted at the Vogue cocktail party, with Ms. Bliss 5 feet away.

10. Watched Debbie and Mimi get loaded at a fancy steak pace.

11. Watched Loren eat 3 slices of cold pizza in bed.

12. Ignored the little blond mouse sitting behind one of the KFI tables, then realized to my horror after ignoring her sheepish smiles at me, she was Jane Ellison. Sorry, Jane! You're very famous! Sorry I didn't notice and didn't grovel at first!

13. Sion, Ceo of KFI hugged me and said he wasn't mad at me for resigning. "No harm done." were his exact words.

Sorry about the blurry photo of us and the Bliss, I wasn't to blame this time around! More to come!

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