Thursday, December 6, 2012


Tonight. Knitting. Sweatpants. American Idol!

Yesterday Knitless and her baby came by to chat and hang out at the shop. Isn't baby stylish? Someday she'll marry my baby. I'm planning on it, actually. Yes, yes, I know arranged marriages are frowned upon in this country. But, frankly, they have statistically, lower divorce rates.

Well, I've got nothing much to say tonight. I'm numb from Sublime and nutzo crazy S#$% life I bid you all a good knitting night! Kisskiss! Tomorrow at work I need  pass a drug test. Read a few articles about ways for successful passage of urine test. I think it will pass successfully, if order synthetic urine.

ps. I think the guys on Idol suck really bad, except for the beatbox blond guy and the fat afro funny guy...gonna be a long season. I figure the girls won't do any better, they all look greasy like they only take sponge baths or something.