Friday, December 7, 2012

Ditch the Rich Bitch?

Here is how my week is shaping up...

-marketing work at Bioque, scheduled NYC trip for Henri Bendel's "Open-See" on April 17th, where their buyers look at all interesting apparel, cosmetics, and accessories without an appointment. Treadmill for 30 minutes.

Tuesday-worked at the shop with Mimi...changed store window with cute handknit sweaters and accessories. Long walk with Briend.

- KinderMusic for Baby, Hot stone Massage for Momma, shoot up heroin (kidding...or am I? You'll never know for sure, but since I'm fat...)
Thursday- Baby Gymnastics, Half day at the shop, Half day at Bioque. Treadmill.

Friday- Facial for Momma, Dentist for Momma, at the shop for rest of day, out to dinner with Bfriend, Sushi, sushi, hot sake, amd more sushi! Definately no treadmill.

Saturday-Work at the Shop, knit, eat, rest, manicure, take a bath.

-Shop till I drop. Clothes, Food, Books, Mags, Illegal Drugs (just making sure you are paying attention!)

Just close your eyes...(but keep read'in) and imagine if you never had to work again. And $35,000 would be put into your bank account every month, and the mortgage is paid off. What would you do with your week? How would you spend your time...your life? Would you get more productive? Or less? More fit, or less? Continual FO's, endless FO's? Shopping and spa treatments, knitting and cuddling with with Babys, big and small? Travel alot? Personal trainer? Chef? Or just save it all and go back to work? Write a book maybe? Commit suicide because you just can't stand the pain of being so rich? (Some extra rich people like Lottery winners actually do that). Phyl would spend 30,000 of it on jewelry. This I know.

I'll tell you what I would do. Enjoy my friggin life! And knit till my fingers bleed. (oh, I'm doing that already). Have Lipo and a Facelift and pack the family and my Cole Hahn loafers up and move to Italy. Capri or Venice, maybe?

Oh, on another note, could someone please tell me why I have been singing "Funky Cold Madina" in my head for the last 3 days? God, help me.

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