Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Bikini Wax in My Immediate Future? Nyet!

I've finished the 7 base pentagons for my Capecho. I can now see the light at the end of the tunnel here. It's always a race with myself to see how fast I can finish a project before it becomes boring as dirt for me. ee cummings being channelled thru me...

i knit excruciatingly slow
but slow and steady
wins the race
except in my a.d.d. case

Here is a pretty picture...a mound of Araucania Patagonia in a luscious edible color...too special for a dishcloth. I must think of a nice Cornelia Hamilton summer thing to knit it up in. Any suggestions?

Thanks, Phyl for coming by to see us bloggers the other day. We need a Blacksburg Blogger Convention and have Maggie Jackson and Debbie Bliss and Cornelia and Louisa come to teach classes and drink Martinis with us. Debbie will drink her Gin&Tonics, of course. Lets plan! Shamefully blogless out there, you'll miss out!

Vogue Knitting has its preview out for the next spring/summer issue. Yuk.

I dont know about you, but I always wear a short sweater over my white string bikini! And a dead Turtle family on my wrist...

Boy o'boy, I also love wearing a gay pride kite over my white bikini...not that there's anything wrong with that!

It's 95 degrees at the beach, I think I'll pop this heavy sweater coat over my practical white linen jumpsuit to keep me cool! I'll also put on a 200 pound necklace to complete my look!

AAhhhh, alright, I am being mean. Those editors have it rough pleasing everyone. I'll lay off the comments. But you won't see me making any of these sweaters. Interweave all the way!
И я никогда не буду носить белый купальный костюм 2 частей всегда!

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