Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Caution. Falling Rocks.

Somehow I managed to wake up today with a horrendous phlegmy thing. My nose is completely clogged and my lungs feel as if they are filled to the brim with mucus. They say that the average Toddler gets 8-9 colds a I'm going to point the finger at the toddler living in my house with me. It is really not the most convenient time for me to get sick as my To-Do list is overflowing.

1. I've started knitting Christmas gifts because I'm not going to have a hell December ever...again.

2. I need to do some PR work for Bioque.

3. My mother wants me to go to Atlanta to the Apparel show to buy some stuff for her clothing store...right now. Like, get in the car and drive there right now. Not sure. Actually she doesn't really care one way or another, but she refuses to go. Someone has to, I volunteered like an idiot. (Disclaimer: It's super fun, though.)

4. In June, I go to TNNA, the trade show for Yarn, so I need to contact designers now, who are flying in from Europe and try and lock them into driving down to Blacksburg for Mosaic's Knitting teach classes, give talks etc. Now.

5. Must plan the Retreat, which will be in June, and that's no small feat. In fact, this might kick my A@# for good. I love planning things but as it's happening I ask myself "Why? Why? Why do I do this to myself?"

Yeah, it's January. but things need to happen, checks need to be written, contracts signed...Now. Cough weeze sniff sniff.

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